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Gryffindor is a refreshing, exciting and proven management development consultancy. Founded to release the magic in individuals, teams and organisations.

What We Do

Creating a Culture of Performance

Success in business no longer comes from the sole use of directional leadership, working in hierarchical silos ensuring direction and solutions come from the top. Modern business only survives when decision making, ownership and accountability exists at every level of the organisation. When people find their own solutions to the new challenges and demands customers make. There is no longer any time to dwell on solutions; individuals must be fleet of foot and proactive in delivering customer’s requirements.

This means every individual in the organisation must feel responsible and accountable and above all have the permission to make decisions and deliver results. Managers and leaders must use all their skills to provide clarity of direction for their teams allowing them to find and own the solutions. Gryffindor works in partnership with companies in all aspects of Strategic, Leadership and Organisational Development.

Our work involves:

  • Strategy & Change
  • Leadership
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Building & Team Development.

Most solutions are blended from two or more disciplines, all aim to add value and create insight

Our Approach

This is what we bring to all our assignments:

  • An up-front investment to understand a business’s aspirations, current position, desired culture and context for change.
  • experienced, approachable people with a can-do spirit who listen before they recommend
  • genuine partnership with clients - sharing experience, sharing methodology, transferring learning - not building dependency
  • innovative - yet practical - techniques that offer new ways with old issues
  • interventions that are bespoke, that genuinely make a difference to our clients, their teams and their customers
  • professionalism & experience - a dedicated team of business consultants who have proven track records in some of the UK's largest blue-chip multi-nationals.


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