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"A Managers Guide to Leadership "

By: Pedler, Mike, Burgoyne, John, Boydell, Tom

A practical self-development guide aimed at new and experienced managers and enabling them to meet key leadership tasks and challenges. Case examples, tools and exercises are used and the emphasis is on active leadership, that is leadership by doing, rather than offering a guide to leadership theory.

"Coaching For Performance: Growing People, Performance and Purpose"

By: Whitmore, Sir John

This edition includes additional chapters on incorporating meaning and purpose into work, into goal-setting, and a spiritual approach to coaching, together with a final section on "Coaching the Organizations Culture". Adopted by many of the worlds major corporations, this work also argues for using questions, rather than instructions and commands, and following the GROW sequence - Goals, Reality, Options, Will - to generate prompt action and peak performance. It explores the dynamics of team development and it positions coaching as the essential team leadership skill.

"Effective Coaching: Lessons from the Coaches Coach "

By: Downey Myles

This book offers a thorough description of coaching and its aims, and can be adapted for use both in and out of the workplace

Myles Downey presents a comprehensive introduction to coaching in the workplace, and reveals to both managers and professional coaches how to get the best out of their team through the implementation of practices that have made him one of Europes foremost business coaches. As director of the School of Coaching, Downey continues to teach and work as a consultant within large international organizations. His experience has taught him what works and what doesnt. This book strips away the theory and academic definitions in favour of practical exercises, stories, anecdotes and conversations, leaving the ability to coach in the readers hands. This extensively revised edition features an entirely new section on Understanding Organizational Change, which deals with the reality of coaching within organizations.

"Emotional Intelligence"

By: Goleman, Daniel

Is IQ destiny? This book argues that our view of human intelligence is too narrow & our emotions play a greater role in thought, decision making & individual success than is commonly acknowledged.

"How to Grow Leaders: the Seven Key Principles of Effective Leadership Development "

By: Adair, John

The author invites you to join him on a journey of discovery about the nature of leadership and how it can be taught. He identifies the seven key principles of leadership development and answers vital questions on how to select, train and educate leaders at team, operational and strategic levels. Topics discussed include: the manager as leader, how people become leaders, training team leaders, how to manage leadership training and learning to be a top strategic leader. Leadership is not a soft skill; it is a key factor in business success. This book will help managers to develop these skills in others whilst guiding them on their own personal journey towards excellence as a leader. Thought provoking and highly readable, this is a vital addition to the debate on leadership from a true world-renowned authority.

"John P Kotter on What Leaders Really Do "

By: Kotter, John

The articles in the book sensibly point out the difference between management and leadership, setting a direction instead of planning and budgeting, and motivating people as opposed to controlling them. They are all tied together effectively by the aforementioned new essay, in which Kotter presents his "Ten Observations About Management Behaviour" to summarise the concepts he has developed over a 30-year career. Contents include: leadership at the turn of the Century; choosing strategies for change; what leaders really do? leading change; power, dependence and effective management; managing your boss; and what effective general managers do.

"Principle Centred Leadership "

By: Covey, Stephen

Drawing on twenty-five years of teaching and consulting, the author of the best selling The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People invites people to centre their lives and leadership around such timeless principles as fairness, equity, justice and integrity that constitute the roots of every family and institution that has ever prospered. Ineffective people try to manage their time around priorities, whereas effective people lead their lives and manage their relationships according to natural laws that are universally valid and constant. Principle-Centred Leadership is the ability to apply these laws to problems and to centre life on the correct principles as the key to personal fulfilment and professional success. The author tackles such issues as the innate human need for progress, how to understand people's potential rather than just their behaviour and demonstrates how lifelong learning as a principle-centred approach can empower relationships at home and at work.

"The Dance of Change: The Challenges of Sustaining Momentum in Learning Organizations "

By: Senge, Peter, Kleiner, Art, Roberts, Charlotte

The Dance of Change Reveals how business leaders can work together to anticipate the challenges that profound change will ultimately force the organization to face. The book identifies universal challenges that organizations ultimately find themselves confronting including; Fear and Anxiety; the need to diffuse learning across organizational boundaries; the ways in which assumptions built in to corporate measurement systems can handcuff learning initiatives; and the almost unavoidable misunderstandings between true believers and non believers in a company.

"The Facilitators Pocketbook "

By: Townsend, John, Donovan, Paul

This pocketbook presents a pocketful of tips, tools and techniques for all those who are challenged to bring the best out of people in meetings, teambuilding sessions, project work, problem-solving groups and training events. Contents include chapters on: planning the facilitation session, facilitation methods, session skills, interpersonal skills, energisers, problem-solving techniques, helpful attitudes and values, and the knowledge base.

"The Leadership Challenge "

By: Kouzes, James M, Posner, Barry Z

Initially written in 1987, The Leadership Challenge became one of the best-selling leadership books of all time. Now, faced with the new challenges of our unpredictable global business environment, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, two premier leadership experts, have completely revised and updated their classic book. Building on the knowledge base of their previous books, the third edition of The Leadership Challenge is grounded in extensive research and based on interviews with all kinds of leaders at all levels in public and private organizations from around the world. In this edition, the authors emphasize that the fundamentals of leadership are the same today as they were in the 1980s, and as they have probably been for centuries. While the content of leadership has not changed, the context has changed, and in some cases, changed dramatically.

"The Strategy-focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the New Business Environment. "

By: Kaplan, Robert S, Norton, David P

In The Strategy-Focused Organization, Robert Kaplan and David Norton share the results of ten years of learning and research into more than 200 companies that have implemented the Balanced Scorecard. Drawing from more than twenty in-depth case studies - including Mobil, CIGNA, Nova Scotia Power, and AT&T- Canada-Kaplan and Norton illustrate how Balanced Scorecard adopters have taken their groundbreaking tool to the next level. These organisations have used the scorecard to create an entirely new performance management framework that puts strategy at the centre of key management processes and systems. The authors articulate the five key principles required for building Strategy-Focused Organisations:(1) translate the strategy to operational terms, (2) align the organisation to the strategy, (3) make strategy everyone's everyday job, (4) make strategy a continual process, and (5) mobilise change through strong, effective leadership. The authors provide a detailed account of how a range of organisations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors have deployed these principles to achieve breakthrough, sustainable performance improvements.


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