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Family Businesses

Family businesses differ from non-family enterprises - as do business families from other types of family. At Gryffindor we have worked with a number of family businesses bringing experience and sensitivity to the challenges and opportunities each business and family face. We start by defining the challenge the family business face:

Business objectives and rules vs. family priorities and emotions. This is a culture clash and it leads to long-term tensions, friction and values conflicts. Successful families learn to understand what's going on, and they devise strategies to keep the sometimes contradictory forces under control. This helps them make the most of the unique advantages enjoyed by family companies.

Build a mental model of how people fit into your family businessThe famous Three-Circle Model helps identify the roles, motivations, expectations and fears of individuals within three groups. The three circles overlap, defining seven categories of people who may want different things at different times - vital knowledge if you are to manage the complexity, role confusion and interpersonal conflicts that can arise in family companies.

Three circle model

Family businesses do not stand still, and change constantly takes place, particularly due to the ownership life cycle:

  • Controlling owner (owner-managed / nuclear family)
  • Sibling partnership (second-generation; control shared by a group of close relatives)
  • Cousin consortium (third-generation and beyond; a network of families)

At Gryffindor we work with family businesses to understand these stages, assisting them through the ownership life cycle, helping families to manage the growth and sustainability of their business


Without Andrew's help we would never have achieved so much positive change within our organisation and enabled all the team to buy into our Vision, Mission and Values - which resulted in us winning Pub Company of the Year two years running
Peter Wells – Managing Director – John Bull Pub Company

St Austell Brewery have worked with Andrew Johnson and have benefited from his 20 years’ experience and strategic thinking that he brought to our organisation’s people strategy. He is sensitive to the unique nature and dynamics of a family business while providing creative yet pragmatic solutions to people issues. We would recommend his services without hesitation.
James Staughton - Managing Director of St Austell Brewery Co Ltd and IFBB Chairman

Our company is a fifth generation family business generating a turnover of £180m from the UK and International trade. We are careful about the use of consultants as we have found a wide variety of understanding; some have only PLC experience, others do get the private company world.

Andrew is very sensitive to the unique nature and the dynamics of a family business. He uses his insight from 20 years’ experience to help with strategic thinking and he is very strong on the development of a coherent people strategy. Unlike some other consultants he does develop solutions which are pragmatic and useful.
Paul Wells – Chairman - Charles Wells Ltd

We have worked with Gryffindor Ltd since 2003. Andrew and the team have provided creative and insightful people development solutions including leadership development, creating a coaching culture and many aspects of people development at every level of the organisation
Anthony Wallis - Managing Director – John Bull Pub Company

Andrew has worked with us for over 2 years. He has proved to be sensitive to the unique nature and dynamics of a family business. He has helped us focus on and develop the organisations people strategy in line with the organisations strategy
Alan Ridealgh - Managing Director - Muntons plc


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